Credit Builder Loan

Our credit builder loan product is a unique way for Community LendingWorks to help people who need to rebuild or establish credit. This product is very different than a standard loan, and even differs from most 'credit builder' products on the market today. 

These loans work like a savings account/loan hybrid. The borrower makes a small monthly payment for 1 year (12 months) to CLW. Each month that on- time payment is received, CLW reports this to 2/3 major credit bureaus. Once the 12 payments have been completed, we return the principal balance of the loan to the borrower.

Term: 12 months | Interest: 6% | Click for application (ENG) | (SPN)

Personal/ Auto Loan

The personal loan is for people that are looking to purchase a car, or need money to finance personal matters. 

Term: 6-60 months | Interest: 9-12% | Click for application (ENG) | (SPN)

The credit builder loan gave me a low-cost alternative to a secured credit card. You begin building credit while also building savings. The interest rate is unbeatable and I loved knowing I could tap into what Iā€™d paid in an emergency with no damage to my credit. At the end of my loan I got a check for my money and a healthy increase in my credit score!
— Nicholas Chase, Credit Builder Borrower